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What tech do sweepstakes casinos use?

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Although online casino play has been around for a while, this does not mean the industry isn’t continuing to innovate. A great example of this is sweepstakes casinos. Also known as social casinos, these platforms enable you to play casino games via the internet for free – this is because you use virtual on-site coins to game with that are awarded when you sign up. Social casinos are also legal to play at in some states where online gambling is not allowed.

Due to this, gaming at these sites has started to take off later in the US. This has been helped by a number of top-class sweepstakes casinos opening up online for people to play at. As this review of Luckyland Slots shows, these forward-thinking platforms have lots to offer players.

Key to how they operate is the technology that sits at their heart – but what kind of tech do they most commonly use?

Mobile gaming tech crucial

The mobile gaming market is huge right now, and people truly value the ability to play wherever they might be. From your bedroom to the work canteen or a bus stop, mobile play means you can try out fun games whenever you like. Sweepstakes casinos have recognized this and use the latest technology to make playing via mobile an awesome experience. This includes using HTML5 tech on their site for optimal mobile play and cutting-edge mobile apps that are easy to download.

Random number generation tech

Another key piece of technology that sweepstakes casinos use is random number generator software – also known as RNG. This operates in the background of social casinos and ensures that the results in games such as slots are fair.

This is achieved by the technology ensuring that every result generated in a game is random and cannot be manipulated by anyone. Without this software in place at sweepstakes casino sites, it would be hard for players to know if the outcomes of games were truly honest. As a result, this is a key piece of tech to look for at any casino.

High-end online security features

All of the best online casinos will use the latest digital security methods to protect players, and sweepstakes casinos are no different. This dedication to employing tech in the background to safeguard data is central to gaining the confidence of players. But what kind of software are we talking about?

SSL technology is certainly something you will find at all reputable social casinos and helps encrypt your data to keep it safe from hackers. In addition, all good sweepstakes casinos will employ top-level firewalls to keep cybercriminals at bay. With technology like multi-factor account authentication also widely used, they do all they can to keep you safe online.

Digital payment methods

Although sweepstakes casinos allow you to play games for free and without spending any money, there is the option at most sites to buy more coins if you like. This would not be possible without the digital payment solutions they carry and the technology included in the platforms to facilitate transactions.

Good examples of the online payment platforms most social casinos carry now are services such as Skrill. Due to these solutions and the way in which social casinos are built to handle them, players can make fast, safe and reliable online payments when needed.

Latest tech-based customer support

While hitting the phone used to be a good way to contact online casino sites, the latest sweepstakes casinos use cutting-edge technology to offer a much better service. A good example of this is live chat, which enables you to chat over the internet, direct with an agent. This is something many players seem to look for now, as we have become used to instant messaging apps in daily life for communication.

Popular platforms like Zendesk are often used in sites like this to make it much quicker for people to get answers to their questions. In addition, sweepstakes casinos will also include email tech in their customer support toolkit. By enabling people to drop them a message digitally, they are able to give customers true choice in how to contact them.

Tech helps sweepstakes casinos function

 When you look into the sort of tech casinos like this use and what it accomplishes, you soon realize that they would simply not function without it. Even if they did, they would offer a much poorer and less secure experience to their customers. Luckily, the very best social casinos in 2022 understand the need to use innovative technology and just how it can reward their players.