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What you should know about Malawi National Sports

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Sports in Malawi have been influenced by colonialism. Being one of the colonies of Great Britain, football is the most popular sport. Football is played by boys and girls at all levels of education and all ages. It’s also a common sight to see makeshift football fields in villages and urban cities. There’s also the Malawi National Football Team, whose biggest success is a third-place finish in the 1987 All-Africa Games.

Netball is another darling sport for Malawians. It’s most popular as a college sport among school girls. The country ranks third in international netball ranking and has recorded huge feats in Netball competitions, including coming first in the COSANA tournament. Other sports played by the country include athletics and basketball.

Malawi also consists of people who are keenly interested in sports betting, especially football betting. Betting in Malawi has over the years been considered legal which made it easier to thrive. The gambling sector of the Malawi national sport has no precise regulation in place, making it legal for Malawians to practice freely. Most sports enthusiasts visit https://www.mightytips.com/bookmakers/malawi-betting-sites/ for betting tips and to find the nearest betting shops.

Malawi National Sports

Also, the Malawi gaming board and Lotteries Authority are in charge of the gambling procedures. Although Premier Bet is the only betting company licensed to operate online, bettors enjoy other international bookmakers who offer their services without breaking any law. Malawians have always been for sports and sports betting, and that’s such leverage.

History of sports-betting in Malawi

The Malawi national sport has realized a considerable rise in the availability of its sports betting (on-street and online). This can be significantly attributed to the new dawn that Malawians have woken up to. Choosing to take chances, take exciting risks, and make money from sports they enjoy. It’s basically killing more than two birds with one stone.

Malawi’s sports betting industry keeps on booming along with other betting and gambling activities. The fact that betting in Malawi is legal makes it even more pursuable. Most Malawi residents are not exactly swimming in wealth, yet they do not mind sacrificing their time and money to place a wager on their favorite sport of Malawi, which is football.

What are the tricks that betting sites and companies, however, use to attract bettors faster than ever? These are some of the corporate strategies employed:

  • Media coverage & High visibility advertising
  • Engaging with and sponsoring local franchises
  • Building association with bookmakers and football (European)
  • A mobile network-based franchise system.

It would interest you to know that sports betting improves the country’s economy. Additionally, the freedom to bet on sports makes it much easier for betting companies and bettors to engage in sports betting actively.

In case you didn’t know, sports betting of the national sports of Malawi is the most enjoyed above other genres. There are barely any restrictions to the practice of sports betting, which makes it (sports betting) thrive so well, also assisting the economy in its boom.

Best sites for sports betting in Malawi

Betting in Malawi and in other parts of the world, for that matter, has transcended beyond just street betting. Almost everything is thriving online, and sports betting is proving this so well. In Malawi, players prefer mobile sportsbooks. The traditional, most common scenario that pops up when you hear betting must be street betting, but it’s gone beyond that.

The convenience that bettors have, the dynamics of the world, and the availability and affordability of smartphone devices are aiding the growth of sports betting. People are trooping to sites where they can achieve their maximum betting satisfaction without crowding the streets.

The world has gone global, and the betting business has even gotten more global. Knowing how to go about it, what to bet on, and what betting sites are best to bet on are, however, significant problems that we are here to help you solve.

Below, you’ll find the best Malawi betting sites making sports betting thrive and making bettors fulfilled in the national sport of Malawi. Join the league of people smiling continuously because they use betting sites that offer everything they need. Try these:

  1. 1XBet
  2. Anonymbet
  3. Cyberbet
  4. Zodiacbet
  5. Rabona
  6. Zigzag
  7. Leovegas
  8. Mystake
  9. Royal Oak
  10. Mr Sloty

Best sports to bet on in Malawi

Malawi National Sports

There are a variety of sports that bettors use to excite themselves, have fun, and of course, make money. Some of them are football (favorite sport of Malawi), basketball, tennis, baseball, badminton, netball. Other forms of wagering beyond the usual sports that Malawians enjoy are eSports and Exotic bets. It would also interest you to know that bettors can wager on weather predictions, the end of the world, Oscar awards, and even Malawi sport fishing.

Imagine how interesting that must be. Malawians are undoubtedly people who love to have fun and take risks while at it. Here are examples of the best sports you should place a wager on (when next you want to bet) because they are most profitable—your chance at making more money.

  • National Football league
  • Major League baseball
  • National Basketball Association
  • National Hockey league
  • Golf

Having said this, it is advisable to also bet on sports and games that you are familiar with as it is the logical thing to do. Knowing the workings of the game, competitiveness, and style of play also put you at an advantage. Also, an extra tip? Always engage sport betting experts, such as Kate Richardson, who has been professional in following betting trends.

Malawi’s favorite sports for players include The English Premier League and the European Champions League. Local sports such as Malawi sport fishing are also catching up quickly. But all these would amount to nothing without expert betting tips.


The sports betting industry (especially online sportsbooks) has experienced tremendous growth in revenue since the legalization of sports betting. This has not only benefited sports betting companies and firms. It has also benefited bettors and players and even the country’s economy.

It is therefore essential to look into this industry and understand the dynamics. It’s a new dawn for Malawi’s sports betting industry, and industry experts foresee that it will grow exponentially in the years ahead. To learn to thrive, you can learn a couple of lessons from the sports betting industry in Malawi.

Reading through this, you have undoubtedly found out fascinating details about Malawi and its betting industry. Now, it’s time to make that extra buck while you enjoy your games!