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Why you should use a laser level?

Why you should use a laser level?

Whether you’re using a laser level on a construction site or you’re a DIY enthusiast, laser levels are an essential tool for any building job.  Designed to project a constant line of light onto a surface, they’re perfect for lining up on horizontal and vertical planes.

laser level
Laser level measuring tool

Types of laser level

There are three main type of laser level:

Rotary laser level – Most widely used at the start of a construction project. Used to help dictate where the foundations will lay and help with the planning of brickwork.

Dot/ plumb laser level – Ideal for keen DIYers. Easy to use and often the cheapest. They project a dot onto a surface for accurate measurement and alignment.

Line laser levels – By far the most common type of laser level. Ideal for homeowners and professionals. They’re great for hanging pictures and wall cabinets.

Red and green lasers

Not only are there different types of laser level, but there are different laser colours. Traditionally red lasers were the most common type of light used. With a long battery life and greater compatibility with receivers they’re a great all-rounder. Like red lasers, green laser levels can be used in a variety of trades, including construction, installation and surveying etc.

However, unlike red lasers, green laser levels, are visible in a much wider range of lighting. Making them ideal for jobs in both low light and bright sunlight and are fast becoming the most widely used. Green lasers are also able to travel much greater distances, making them sought after on building sites with large construction areas like commercial properties.

Advantages of using a laser level

If you’re planning any sort of building work, home decoration, or interior project that requires accurate measurements or straight lines, then a laser level is an essential tool for the job.

Accurate – Ultimately, using a laser level will give you the accuracy you need. Whilst our room sizes might be the smallest they’ve ever been, a wonky shelf or ill sized picture rail can have a real impact on the look and feel of the room.

Easy to transport and store – Whilst a laser level isn’t as light as a measuring tape, they’re pretty light making them easy to move around and store. Because they don’t have a lot of moving parts, they’re pretty robust too – making them perfect for busy construction sites.

Simple and quick to use – The great thing about laser levels is how easy they are to use, as well as having easy-to-read digital displays that are often compatible with data systems without the need to buy additional software. Laser levels are notorious for how fast they are to set up and use – much faster than their analogue counterparts.