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Your child wants to be a blogger: 4 reasons to support him


Throughout life, a person adapts to new and constantly changing surroundings: a place of residence, studies, work, friends, laws, etc. It is believed that it is in college that an individual acquires the most important communication and other skills that make life, study, or work easier for him or her. Some students study and even give extra homework help to them earn some money or just gain experience. Some students do nothing and just live and enjoy life. But what if your kid is into video blogging and doesn’t want to do anything else?

Today YouTube replaces television for many: bloggers help us learn the news, choose movies, and even raise our children. But if our child declares that he or she wants to blog his or her profession, parents get stressed. Is there an upside to such a decision?

Today, one in two seven-year-olds is already registered on Instagram, running their own YouTube channel, or making short videos on TikTok. Parents try to take away the phone from young bloggers, put them behind a desk to read books, and sometimes even force them to delete their online accounts. But is it right? Let’s find out!

Today, most parents are convinced that blogging is a waste of time, and it would be much more useful to send your child to karate or music school. But I believe in blogging.

1. It’s creativity.

Making videos, editing creative videos, processing photos or writing posts, children learn to think, develop creative thinking, motor skills, oratory, learn to speak on camera, and most importantly – they enjoy it all. The skills a child develops while blogging will also be useful in many other professions: journalist, cameraman, actor, director, marketer, broadcaster.

2. And time management

Let your child understand that blogging is a hobby. And it can not be more important than studying. Then the child will learn to solve math problems three times faster, write an essay, and happily start shooting a new video. Blogging will teach a child to plan, rationally allocate time and concentrate, because videos have to go out at a certain time!

3. This is the profession of the future

Ten years ago there was no such profession, and people did not understand what they could write about on social networks. Today, blogging is already a full-fledged high-paying job, and the list of basic duties includes shooting stories, writing posts, processing photos, and so on. Of course, our universities do not yet have a specialty where you can learn to blog, but de facto young bloggers, despite their age, are already earning good money and the recognition of the audience.

4. Through blogging, you can understand your child

Often it seems to parents that children live in another world, which is not at all like the one we are used to. They speak strange languages, watch strange videos and listen to strange music. Blogging is a great way to solve the “generational conflict” once and for all. Read what your child blogs about, try to understand their thoughts. Ideally, offer your help in creating content, give him a professional tripod or camera, help him with ideas for videos, buy professional courses from bloggers or send him to a media school or journalism school.

So what should you do if your child has become a blogger? The correct answer is to be supportive! You may have a new Sasha Mitroshina or Yuri Dudh growing up before your eyes. And even if he doesn’t, he will definitely appreciate your support and make lots of new friends!

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