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YouTube Vanced Is Receiving a Google Play Protect Warning

YouTube Vanced

Play Protect no longer advises downloading the Vanced Manager app. One of the most well-known third-party YouTube programs is called Vanced. It provides a number of capabilities not seen in Google’s well-liked YouTube app.

With that, it was the user base of Vanced that introduced it to the industry. Vanced unfortunately made a surprise statement earlier this month.

Vanced published the following on its Twitter page: “The Vanced brand has been dropped. The website’s download connections will be removed over the next few days. We are aware that you did not want to hear this, but we must yet proceed. We appreciate your support over the years.”

As a result of the Vanced developers utilizing YouTube’s trademark and logo, Google launched legal action against them and issued a Cease & Desist Order to the makers. One of the most well-liked Android YouTube app alternatives, Vanced, has lately come under fire from Google, which issued a cease and desist letter to the app’s creators.

Some users may still have the app installed on their devices since the most recent versions of Vanced are still usable. Users’ phones also have the companion Vanced Manager app installed in addition to the main Vanced app.

Vanced Manager App Tagged as Harmful

Users of Vanced have now expressed their displeasure that Google Play Protect has classified the Vanced Manager app’s version 2.6.0 as harmful.

The Vanced Manager app has reportedly been labeled as “harmful” by Google Play Protect, forcing some Vanced users on Reddit and Twitter to delete it, according to XDA. Given that the service had previously been unable to identify the Vanced Manager application, this has caused some to dispute the veracity of the Play Protect notice.

Users will be alerted that Vanced Manager tries to get around Android’s security measures when they try to install it or when they run a device scan while it’s installed.

Google Cease and Desist Order to Vanced

The developers with Vanced stopped working on any projects after receiving a cease and desist letter from Google. Vanced affirmed that the company’s abrupt suspension was caused in part by a Google cease and desist letter for the improper usage of YouTube.

Following the cease and desist letter they got, Vanced stopped sharing links to their app and stopped doing any more distribution of it.

The trademarks and branding of the original YouTube application were being violated by Vanced. There is no denying the similarities between the logo Vanced designed and the original YouTube logo. They also broke the law because they used the YouTube logo without first getting consent from Google, the company that legitimately owns the website.