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15 Best Discord Music Bots to Play Spotify & YouTube

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Discord is one of the best platforms these days that many gamers and YouTubers tend to use for gaming voice chatting with their fans and followers. Not just that but it has become a proper messaging service that provides a whole lot of other services as well. Originally launched in the year 2015, Discord is now used by employees, gamers, and other content creators to conduct meetings and discussions in the best way. It has become a new way of connecting and communicating with one another. One of the best features that we love about Discord is that it can support different bots; hence, so many tasks have been automized in the platform. So, in this article, we are going to have a look at some of these Discord music bots that one can try out.

1. Jockie

Discord Music Bot

The Jockie Music Bot is one of the first on our list because it can easily host 4 different instances in a single server. Now that is pretty interesting right? This means you will be able to run different Jockie bots running at the same time. So, this will undoubtedly help in elevating your music experience in the best way. Not to mention that this amazing bot features music from different services such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and so much more. There are other features such as bass boost, 8D sounds, karaoke, distortion, and so much more.

2. Uzox

Discord Music Bots

If you haven’t heard about Uzox yet, then you have been living under a rock for sure. There are so many amazing things that this bot has to offer the users. Also, it is completely free of cost. There are various music options from different sources such as SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitch, etc. The bot also has DJ Compatibility which means it allows the DJs to have complete control of the playback.

3. ChillBot

Discord Music Bot

If you are a fan of lo-fi music, then Chillbot is the best choice for you. This bot is nothing like the other bots that we have on the list here. This amazing Discord music bot will be your ultimate live-streaming radio station and play the most relaxing and best-quality lo-fi music that will soothe your senses for sure. While you might not be able to use the bot for any personal music, the playback controls are useful for sure.

4. FredBoat

Discord Music Bots

This is your chance to go ahead and try out FredBoat as it is one of the best options for a Discord Music Bot out there. This bot supports music playback from different websites including YouTube and Spotify along with Bandcamp as well. The users can easily input the name of the song that they want to listen to and it will be played automatically without the link.

5. MEE6

Discord Music Bot

When we are talking about MEE6, it is not just a music bot but so much more than that. With this amazing bot, users can search for different streamers as well as their videos on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch as well. There are leveling systems provided for all the server members amongst other interesting features. The drag/drop functionality in the bot is also worth mentioning which makes rearranging songs much easier.

6. Aiode (formerly Botify)

Discord Music Bots

If you are on the lookout for a classic Discord music bot that can easily stream all the songs from Spotify, this is the choice you need to make. Not just Spotify but you can also stream music from SoundCloud and YouTube in the best way. The bot comes along with customization options that you can activate using voice commands as well.

7. Zandercraft

Discord Music Bot

For those who love to have high-quality music playback options, Zandercraft is one of the best choices that they can make. If you are a lover of good audio when it comes to music, this is the bot that you need to try. Zandercraft has XHD support along with amazing sound quality to make sure that you have the best experience of listening to music.

8. Hydra

When it comes to Hydra, you can not only listen to music from this bot but perform other tasks as well. If you are using Hydra, you can create different playlists, loop the songs, and search for information about different songs. It also has a premium version where you get other additional features such as volume and speed control, bass boost, and more.

9. BMO

Discord Music Bot

BMO is also on our list of the best Discord Music Bot options since it has an amazing set of features that makes it the best. For instance, the Music playback option at BMO is worth trying for sure. Also, you get image search, moderation, and more features added as you progress with it.

10. Probot

If you are searching for a versatile option for a Discord music bot then Probot is something that you need to try. You can music playback as well as moderation controls with this amazing bot. So, you can easily stream music from any platform and have control over the song as well.

11. Vexera

Discord Music Bot

Once you try Vexera, you will not be able to try anything else for sure. The moderation controls in this bot are amazing and the bot also provides some attractive welcoming and farewell messages to the users based on their activities.

12. Chip Bot

Discord Music Bots

Another amazing and dedicated Discord Music bot that we have for you here is Chip Bot. This bot has its main focus on music and hence is a popular option amongst the users. The music is high-quality and free of any lags. You can also try the premium version that includes vocal boost, bass boost, 8D music, and other features.

13. Green-Bot

Discord Music Bot

Another free discord music bot that you cannot miss out on is Green Bot. It supports the best platforms such as Spotify and has amazing music playback benefits. Users can try the premium version that allows them to join voice channels using commands.

14. LunaBot

With LunaBot, you can stream live music from different sources such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and more. The bot requires low bandwidth, making it incredibly simple and easy to use.

15. ChampBot

Discord Music Bot

Using ChampBot will be one of the best decisions you can make since the bot comes with features such as activity checks, avatars, and much more. You can also play games such as Trivia with this bot.


Go ahead and try out these amazing Discord music bot options and see what you feel about them. We are pretty sure that these will make your Discord experience much more amazing.