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3 CBD Oil Extraction Methods and the One That’s the Best

3 CBD Oil Extraction Methods

According to the famous online source page Wikipedia, the method of extraction is a chemistry methodology used to separate two substances. Some common substances that this is used for are to separate one liquid from the other, oil for liquids, and solids from liquids. See their page here for further information about the idea.

There are various types of extractions seen inside laboratories, however, the ones that are used to extract hemp oil from the cannabis Sativa plant are slightly different, dare we say – more meticulous.

We discuss these below and pick the one that has been seen as the best one, and something to make note of when purchasing a CBD oil from any supplier or online website to ensure you are buying the pure extract without any fillers or artificial ingredients in them. Let’s look at them below.

CBD has burst in admiration over the last few years and, while most people are acquainted with the concept, some may also have sampled a few formats containing CBD extract, it’s not always the case that the average customer knows the intricacies of it.

The Extraction Methods

When discussing this topic, it is a good idea to keep in mind that when purchasing a product containing this oil, that you buy one of the highest qualities. The fascinating thing about this is, it all begins in the laboratory.

This is because whatever technique is used, will have a direct impact on the taste, quality, grade, color, consistency, and potency of the final product in that bottle you see on the shelves or online stores.

Extraction Using Olive Oil

Olive oil is a natural solvent. It has been used for decades to help with many areas of our lives from putting it in our hair, to drinking it and applying it directly to our bodies. When raw hemp is heated to a certain temperature a process which is known as ‘decarboxylated’ occurs.

The olive oil does not evaporate much like other solvents, however, seeps into the final product, which results in an end-product of a CBD-infused oil with particles of olive oil in it, and is not as concentrated as others may be.

One great advantage of this practice is that it is not expensive and almost anyone can partake in it, in the comfort of their own homes. With the right equipment, it can be safely extracted. How the final product tastes will depend on the amount of olive oil used and the concentrations.

3 CBD Oil Extraction Methods

Solvent Extraction

In this method, a solvent such as ethanol: https://www.chemicalsafetyfacts.org/ethanol/ and sometimes propane and butane are also used. It is soaked and washed over the plants that have been harvested and this draws out the compounds that we call CBD Oil. The result is a mixture that contains various components such as terpenes (flavors) and the many cannabinoids that scientists are still discovering in the extracts.

During the finalization of the process, these chemicals are removed as much as possible from there the final removal is done again which often leaves a concentrate of the plant in oil or paste form. This liquid is then distilled and the separation (extraction method) is completed which leaves the solids from the liquids.

This is a fairly straightforward method and does not necessarily need any specialized equipment besides the solvents which act as a magnet drawing out the compounds in the plant, including the hydrocarbons, which are a good preservative for the smells and flavors.

Using the CO2 Method

CO2 also known as carbon dioxide, is used to pull cannabinoids and other required composites from the reaped hemp plants. Amongst all methods, this is the best one as it is scientifically advanced and has far more benefits than the other mentioned in this article.

Not to get too technical, but the basic idea involves 3 chambers. One has the CO2, the second one adjusts the pressure and temperature, and the third collects the oil extract. CO2 is typically converted into a liquid when pressure is increased and the temperature is decreased.

This increase and decrease are done gradually so that the liquid reaches an optimal point where it is between the gas and liquid states. This, thus, retains the properties of the compound, in which case the CBD hemp oil retains its state without being adulterated by liquid or gas.

The second chamber which also holds the hemp plants in it, has CO2 being pumped into it and this helps to separate the oil from all of the other 100+ cannabinoids inside of it, and it is collected inside of the third chamber. Any excess CO2 gets evaporated, leaving behind a pure natural extract of the cannabis Sativa L. plant. This is the highest concentration one can get in terms of extraction methods, and the one we like the most.

It is one of the most precise, and meticulous processes that are solvent-free and safe, and also to add to the fascinating process is the fact that it is eco-friendly and sustainable, as it used fewer plants and less energy as well. It’s a win-win for everyone – buyers and manufacturers.

To Sum Up

There you have it, if you didn’t already know, now you can explain these to someone else who doesn’t know and share some good knowledge around the world about how fascinating the methods of extracting CBD oil are, or perhaps it’s just a bit of extra knowledge to keep for yourself.