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7 Mac Computer Tips Everyone Should Know

Mac Computer Tips

Are you looking for new ways for your Macbook to stand out? Are you looking to learn some new hints and tips?

Apple sold around 6 million Macbooks in the fourth quarter of 2020. I understand why you want to stand out against all of them.

Are you getting the most out of your Apple Macbook? Check out these 7 Mac computer tips and tricks that everyone needs to know.

1. Split View Apps

Are you constantly having to bounce between apps while using your Macbook? Switching between two apps is now a thing of the past. This is one of the more simple MacBook tips which can help save you time.

If you don’t have an extra screen at hand, then this hack is perfect for you. You can have two apps open at the same time next to each other without having to worry about resizing your windows.

By going to the top left corner of a window, you will see the small green circle used to maximize the screen. Rather than clicking it, hover over it, and a drop-down menu should appear.

You can now place the app to go on the left or the right of the screen. Then select the app you wish to go on the other side.

2. My Favorite of These Macbook Computer Tips

Everyone knows and loves emojis. Emojis are in more and more different aspects of technological life nowadays. Why not use them for your Mac folder icons?

To do this, you will need to find your perfect emoji online, download it and bring it up in Preview. Open the Markup toolbar and click the magic wand icon.

Highlight the background and cut it through the Edit tab. Drag a box around the emoji and copy it.

Go to the folder you are converting to emoji icon, right-click and select Get Info. Click the folder icon at the top of the pop-up window and press Command + V. You now have an emoji icon folder.

3. Reset After Being Locked Out

Do you have many different passwords for many various applications? Are you like me and struggle to remember which is for which? This next piece of MacBook advice will save you the next time you get locked out of your Macbook.

There is a way to reset your password without using the mysterious password to gain access first. You may wish to write this one down.

Turn off your computer and hold Command + R. Turn on your Macbook again while keeping Command + R pressed. Once the screen shows a progress bar beneath the Apple Symbol, release the keys as you are now in recovery mode.

Follow the options through Utilities to the Terminal page. Type reset password (all one word, no spaces) into the window and press return. Close the window and rest your password.

If you have many users on your Mac, you will have to change the passwords for all users. This Macbook troubleshooting hack is a true lifesaver.

4. Sign Documents

Receiving documents that need signing is usually a tedious job at best. Printing it out, signing it, scanning it back into the computer before sending it back.

If the sender has sent you the document as a PDF, open it in Preview and bring up the markup toolbar again. Click the signature button and then create a signature.

Either use the touchpad to squiggle your John Handcock. Or write it onto a plain piece of paper and take a picture with your phone or Macbook camera. You can now add your signature to any PDF without having to print and scan.

5. Stop the Mac From Sleeping

Do you hate when your Mac goes to sleep when you are in the middle of something important? Well then, here are two ways to prevent mac from sleeping big sur (Pun intended)

The first method is to go to your Systems Preference again and follow to Energy Saver. Here you can adjust how much non-activity time can pass before your display turns off. Be warned, the higher the waiting time, the more life your battery will lose over time.

The far more accessible option is to install Lungo. This app allows you to change the sleep waiting time from the top of the screen. If you are going into Energy Saver to change it each time you are on the Mac, Lungo will save you a lot of time.

6. Menu Bar Customization

This Macbook hack is one of the more straight forwards. It’s a pretty well-known hack, but I’m placing it on the list if one of your readers doesn’t know about it yet.

Having the menu bar in constant view along the top of the screen may annoy some. But with this hack, you can hide it away until you need it.

Head on over to your Systems Preference and choose the General tab. You will see the option to choose to hide and show the menu bar.

Now your menu bar will hideaway above the top of the screen. Now, hover your mouse along the top side of the screen, and it will pop down, giving you access to all the menu options.

7. Spotlight Maths

Do you have a Mac finances app but still struggle bouncing to the calculator? We all know that Macs come with a calculator, but did you know using Spotlight makes this even easier?

All you need to do is press Command + Space. This command brings up your ‘Spotlight’ search bar will pop up on the screen.

Now type the equation you need the answer to; it will show you the answer. You can even type in and calculate conversions.

For example, typing $60 will find the conversion to £44.12. (This was applicable at the time of writing, this conversion rate may change)

New Mac New You

With these 7 Mac computer tips everyone should know, you can now personalize your Mac. Take what you have learned and have some fun.

Make funny folder icons, create your signature for ease of contracts. It’s your Mac, do as you wish.

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