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Comics vs. Literary Essays, and What Unites Them

Comics vs. Literary Essays

The earliest records of comics are in the latter part of the 19th century but their use increased after the great depression. They use more images and fewer texts to communicate a message. As technology advanced, video comics were created and speech was added.

On the other hand, the oldest literature records were found in the Sumerian civilization and date around 3400 BC. Its use to communicate information has continually increased since then. Today, literary essays dominate the academic circles, and sometimes, they can cut across comics and texts.

History of comics

The Japanese are credited for the development of comics and manga. Manga is what is commonly called cartoons but originally, they were called manga. There is some unconfirmed history about comics being in existence in the 12 century BC. In the early 20th century, modern comics began in Japan. Creators began to draw them on books, magazines, and newspapers.

In the US, comics began appearing around 1928. In both the US and Japan, the use of comics rapidly increased after the second world war. Literature writing is a skill that students must develop in various ways. When pursuing a college education, writing skills development comes through the use of writing tools, paper writing, and reading. One of the important writing tools you can use is to get your free informative essay example from the GradesFixer website, where every essay is written by an experienced writer. This is a useful site for those who want to grow their reading and writing skills fast.

Comics versus literary essays


The writer of a literary essay expresses their opinion about something. It could be a book or another literature work. They use argumentative language to describe their stand on the issue using formal language. A comic expresses a message which might not be based on something studied before. It is based on the image the creator has in their mind but not what someone else has created.


A literary essay uses formal language because it is mostly given in an academic setting. As a result, it must use formal language to communicate the writer’s stand or opinion about a subject. Comics do not rely on formal language but are written according to the language of the creator. The creator might choose to use formal or informal language and it will still be okay.


Comics use images to tell a story. The creator arranges them in sequence so that one short story connects to the next. The images take the central point and they are interconnected using few words to help the audience understand the message. A literary essay uses texts only to communicate a message. The arguments are created using paragraphs that seamlessly flow from one to the next using connecting words. The text is the central point and every information revolves around texts.


Comics have varied uses and creators can use them for profits and sell them to newspaper publishers to use them on their papers. They can be published on comic websites to create global access. Other creators publish their comics in a comic book, poster, or magazine. They use varying colors to make the comics look beautiful. A literary essay is used solely to examine and evaluate literature. A writer might examine a book to create their original literary work. It is mostly used as an academic piece of work.

Comics vs. Literary Essays

What unites comics and literary essays

In part, comics can be called literature but, in another part, they are not. A writer might argue they are not because they are graphical images. Another writer might argue they are because they are published in books and other media to communicate a message.

What makes comics to be called literature is their use of text to communicate. The writer must develop writing skills to create good comics. They write the scripts and then create the images. Anyone watching comics must read the texts to understand the message.

Other experts argue that before text writing was developed in many places around the world, the main form of communication used was images. Today, a writer can visit a historic site and read the possible messages hidden in images. The effect of their messages has not much different from the effects of text messages.


Although literature is older than comics by thousands of years, comics seem to have a greater influence in today’s society. Their graphical expressions easily attract people to view and read their message. Literature works rely on written texts that must use formal languages to communicate. Comic works are informal and use informal language to communicate to their audiences.

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