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Driving the Future of Innovation In Smart Television Technology

Smart Television Technology

Smart Television Technology is a vital part of our lives and with everything around us changing; TV sets are also changing and changing for good. Yes, big and bulky television sets have made way for smart TVs. A smart TV is a technology that lets you access conventional as well as digital content. In the last decade, things have changed from older TV models to the best smart TV in India. And smart TVs are the latest innovation to hit and take the TV industry by storm.

But what has led to such changes? It has been television technologies that are doing it for you to enhance your user experience. Let’s know about the latest changes in the TV industry that is revolutionizing the television landscape in India and elsewhere in this quick post.

1. OLED and QLED TVs

OLED by LG and QLED by Samsung are the recent examples of evolving Smart Television Technology. They may have similar names but are diverse in technologies. An OLED TV consists of limitless LEDs that are used to light up the screen when electricity is passed. OLED TVs are flexible and incredibly thin. It helps in giving real contrast as it imitates true blacks. On the other hand, QLED TV employs quantum dots to elevate its performance. Such TV models come with competent emitting and light-absorbing capacities.

When it comes to brightness, QLED TVs have an edge and are useful in delivering the punch that HDR should deliver. With IPL to begin soon in India, the demand for OLED and QLED TVs are expected to increase. Why? These technologies can help people enjoy the best of content and by providing an immersive experience. This way, they may feel like sitting in a stadium and having a gala time with their friends.

2. Android TVs


An Android television is a device that employs the Android OS created by Google for digital players. Android is the preferred Operating System these days for movies, music, games, and apps on your best smart TV in India. Many reputed TV manufacturers are using Android as the software in their range of TVs to help you enjoy the best of content. You can use Android-powered television to stream your favorite digital content on popular platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and more. The trend to browse websites and apps, playing games and more on your TV is increasing, and Android TVs are helping users do all easily.

3. HDR 


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, a technology that generates a higher dynamic range of brightness when compared to standard digital imaging technology. HDR-enabled best smart TVs in India are now becoming quite common. HDR technology enhances the scope of contrast and color. This way, the brighter parts of an image gets brighter and seems to have more depth. HDR 10 is currently the latest version of this technology that is being supported by many leading TV brands in India.

What is the best smart TV in India to consider buying?

  1. MI 32 Inch LED Smart TV 4A Pro with Android
  • 1366 x 768 HD ready 32-inch screen.
  • 20 W speaker output.
  • 60 Hz refresh rate.
  • 3 x HDMI ports.
  • 2 x USB ports.
  • Smart TV access

You can bring home this MI 32 inch LED TV in India at around Rs.13,000.

  1. iFFALCON By TCL AI-Powered 50 Inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart Android TV
  • Ultra HD (4K) 3840 x 2160 pixels 50-inch screen.
  • 20 W speaker output.
  • 60 Hz refresh rate.
  • 3 x HDMI ports.
  • 2 x USB ports.
  • A+ Grade UHD 10-bit DLED Panel.
  • Android Operating System.
  • HDR 10.
  • Smart Android Television.

You can buy this iFFALCON 50-inch big screen TV at around Rs.26,000 in India.

You can buy a 32-inch smart LED TV in India for a medium room, and a 50 inch LED television for a large room to start enjoying the best of the content right away.