How the Online Gaming Industry Has Changed: Opinion of Cybersport Players

Back in the early 2000s’ people used LAN cables to connect multiple PCs or consoles in order to play their favorite games with more players. When faster and stable internet connection became available a whole new set of options opened up, and that played a massive role in the future of game design. However, back in the early days, the most popular gaming tournaments were local Counter-Strike competitions that used LAN connection. Today, eSports is truly massive, and the lives of professional players greatly differ compared to those gamers who started competing at the start of the 21st century.

This only shows how much the online gaming industry has changed, and how the industry became more important overall. So, let’s go over some of these more notable changes that will continue to shape the design of future releases.

You Can Have Fun and Excitement From Online Games

Even in the early days of online gaming developers were really limited in terms of graphics and server technology. Meaning, the games did not look too impressive and you couldn’t add some demanding customization features like the ones we have today.

Now we have way better servers, better hardware overall, and even our mobile devices are stronger compared to earlier PCs. Also, online games mainly earn through microtransactions, so they became more affordable. All of this resulted in a more fun and exciting experience, and the core gameplay of MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, MOBA games like DOTA and FPSs didn’t change at all.

Some of the most notable changes happened with online casino platforms. They also became more affordable and filled with exciting content. You have online casino 10 dollar deposit sites that offer free spins which really translates to more gameplay with just a minor payment. Moreover some of these $10 deposit online casino sites also have poker rooms, which allows more players to compete in this game as well. And all of it is playable on mobile, which was unimaginable back in the early days.

Socializing Through Play

One of the key changes in the way these experiences are developed comes in the form of socializing. Today multiplayer is not only added to make games more fun, it is used as a core mechanic for progression. People need to communicate more and to learn how to collaborate with others in order to advance further. The whole eSports thing became what it is because it heavily relies on team play. Sure individuals do get to shine, but without great coordination, all is lost.

This social aspect really came through during the pandemic, while a lot of people were in self-isolation. There are a ton of games that are more entertaining if you play with your friends, and developers actively think about this element. It’s not about making something a multiplayer experience, it’s about how to make it more rewarding and yet not absolutely obligatory, in games that are intended for both single and multiplayer markets.

AR and VR

Online Gaming Industry

More changes are looming on the horizon, and it seems that the next big thing in this industry is going to be AR and VR experiences. This can really reshape the whole eSports scene as well, as you would go from a regular eSports player into a real cyber athlete in order to be good at VR. It doesn’t stop here, once again VR tech is making the online casino experience more entertaining, as you get to play in a more authentic environment. As for AR, it’s really fun when combined with mobile, and the best example of that is Pokemon Go.

Console Wars

Console wars have always been around, but today it is mostly about Playstation and Xbox. In the past, it really came down to game exclusives as players went for a console that will have better titles or releases. Today, however, online games play a major role, as they are dominating the market. People no longer care that much about which console they are getting, the priority is to be able to have fun online with your friends, and that has a major influence on purchasing decisions.


In short, these were some of the main changes in the gaming industry that were brought to us by the internet connection. As you can see these experiences continue to evolve and new hardware capabilities are pushing the game design forward. Who knows, maybe the VR experiences, like those in Ready Player One movie are not that far away after all.


Brandon Kryeger is a talented blogger who loves to cover topics related to tech, the iGaming industry, and pretty much anything related to video games. He is a huge fan of gaming and eSports events and loves to play League of Legends with his co-workers. Brandon also enjoys traveling and loves to throw barbecue parties in the open.