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Select Quality Shipping Boxes for Transportation of Goods

Quality Shipping Boxes

Quality Shipping boxes are basically packaging made up of fiberboard that helps protect the content or product within. These shipping boxes are mostly covered with a lid to prevent any sort of damage to the product that is about to be shipped. Although keeping in mind that they are secondary packaging of the product being transferred, it is still a vital component to think about and has its own merits when it is of good quality since transportation of products can cause enough damage to destroy a product or reduce the quality or the presence of the product. These boxes are also referred to as cardboard boxes used in transporting material from place to place.

Transporting goods can be done through only four mediums, air, sea, road, and rail. And keeping the hazards following each of them, the product that has to be shipped is packed accordingly. Keeping product protection in mind, there are more factors to be taken into consideration. For example,

  • The packaging budget
  • The internal and external packaging
  • Size
  • Design
  • Sustainability of the materials used
  • Transportation medium
  • Product type

The packaging budget: 

Before even starting anything in your business, let alone packaging, you must always take an exact look at your budget and see where you can get the best with it. It will totally define what kind of materials you can use to protect your product the best and also what designs are possible to keep the attractive packaging. Let’s assume you have a brand product that you think would look good in glass packaging and would be appealing to the customer; you have to keep in mind that glass packaging might need more budget to keep it safe than plastic hence increasing the consumer pricing, which may or may not be a big risk for the business’ ROI. However, wholesale shipping boxes can always be a safer option for that.

1. The internal and external packaging:

This definitely counts for the type of product inside your custom shipping boxes. Many products are fragile enough that they need more protection than most products, for example, glass vases. While packing delicate items, it is advised to use the box in box packaging methods along with cushion fillings so that no place is left inside for the fragile item to move around.

Even when transferring dangerous goods that are harmful to humankind and other living things around it, for example, chemicals, it is advised to take internal and external packaging into deep consideration. In the packaging of dangerous goods, internal packaging is not just accessories as considered with other products; over here, they are significant. They can prevent leakage, which can further cause significant damage.

2. Packaging Size:

Depending on the product, your packaging size also says a lot about your product and where you want your product. However, these custom shipping boxes don’t have to be in each different size while shipping; your product has.

n this case, you can have large and medium-size shipping boxes that might fit in all dimensions of your particular product and save you money on the different sizes of wholesale shipping boxes.

3. Packaging Design:

Along with product safety, it is essential that you still somehow manage to come up with some creative ideas to present your product with some labeling and branding. It is always beneficial to show your logo even on shipping boxes.

4. Sustainability of the materials used:

Like they say, treat your products like you treat yourself. Please don’t give them a too large or too small home to live in because that is not what you would want for yourself. And also used materials that would help in their sustainability.

Most commonly used are cardboard boxes, which can also handle fragile objects and treat them so that they have maximum security until they reach your desired consumer.

5. Transportation medium

There are four mediums of transportation, as mentioned early, and each medium has its own types of hazards, whether it is natural or not. For example, if you are shipping boxes through the sea, you need to be aware that the ship carrying your containers might go through a storm, and that should not affect the product at all.

The same is with air freight. While transporting through the air, the shipment should be sealed enough to bear the pressure changes in the air and humidity. Besides these two, some roads and rails have similar traits because we need to take the road vibrations and shocks into consideration while deciding the packaging type.

6. Product type: 

Last but not least, of course, the product type matters a lot. Even when you are transporting food items, you have to take into consideration the number of preservatives and also sometimes radiations that are used to protect the fruits that are being transported from one country to another. The same goes for other consumer products like shoes, clothes, etc. All of these have different methods of packaging to protect their products.

The type and quality that you choose for shipping your product across the world can make to break your business. Never forget the hazards and shocks that can occur in different transportation types while considering packaging because bad packaging tends to lead to damaged or broken products, which further leads to unhappy customers and a lost business!