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Top 10 Best Xbox Series X|S Controllers

Best Xbox Series

If you have an Xbox Series X|S console, you should at least think about what the best controllers are for your particular setup. Perhaps the new Xbox wireless controller included in the box is the answer for you. However, you could want something with additional features, such as something tailored to give you an advantage.

There are a variety of controllers available for the Xbox Series X|S. Mostly because the Xbox One controllers are compatible with the new generation of consoles. To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of the finest controllers for the Xbox Series X|S.

That is if you are in the market for a new controller at all. Keep in mind that the regular controller is adequate, and we like it quite a bit. However, it isn’t the only choice. So there you have it: the best Xbox Series X|S controllers available on Lime Pro Gaming

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Top 10 Best Xbox Series X|S Controllers

ControllerCostWhere To Buy
Xbox Wireless Controller$59.99Amazon and various other retailers
Xbox Elite Series 2From $157.99Amazon and various other retailers
SCUF Instinct Pro$199.99SCUF Gaming
Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma$149.99Amazon, Best Buy, Razer
Xbox Elite Series 2 Halo Infinite Edition$199.99Microsoft (currently out of stock)
Nacon RIG Pro Compact$49.99Amazon and various other retailers
Colorware Xbox Wireless ControllerFrom $99.99Colorware
Xbox Design Lab Wireless Controller$69.99Xbox Design Lab
PowerA Fusion Pro 2$79.99Amazon and various other retailers
Evil Shift for XboxFrom $89.99Evil Controllers

1. Xbox Wireless Controller

Best Xbox Series

It’s not a bad idea to stick to the original. The Xbox Wireless controller (the updated version with the share button) is one of the most basic Xbox Series X|S controllers available, but it’s still one of the best. The textured handgrips, simplistic design, and lesser weight than some of the other alternatives on the market are all appealing.

Furthermore, you’ll pay less for this than a lot of the other controllers on the market that are designed for this platform. It also helps because it is wifi. Another significant advantage is that it does not require charging. All you have to do is replace the batteries with new ones.

Sure, you’ll need to stock up on batteries. They’ll last a while, though. It’s also one less thing you have to connect.

2. Xbox Elite Series 2

Best Xbox Series

If you prefer the regular Xbox Wireless controller, the Elite Series 2 might be the way to buy if you want something a lot more configurable.

It offers a superb grip for minimal slipping, and you can replace the thumbsticks and d-pad, among other things. The thumbsticks and triggers may also be adjusted in height, and there are paddle buttons on the back for additional controls.

The controller is pricey, but it’ll be worth it when you employ all of its smart little perks to improve your game.

3. SCUF Instinct Pro

Best Xbox Series

Speaking of customization, SCUF Gaming’s new Instinct Pro is a fantastic controller for the Xbox Series X|S, and one of the best. You may replace some of the buttons, as well as adjust things like the trigger tension to needless travel between the button press and the action completion, just like the Elite Series 2.

There are four extra buttons on the back, as well as a high-performance grip. You may also map the buttons to different controls and save up to three distinct profiles for different types of games. You can switch between them on the fly.

SCUF also allows you to tweak the aesthetics if that isn’t enough. There are a variety of color variations and combinations available, as well as other features.

4. Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma

Best Xbox Series

The previous three controller options are all wireless. With the Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma, we’re now entering the wired territory. There are a few apparent advantages to having it connected. One, your input latency is likely to be lower. Second, you’ll never have to worry about it running out of juice.

The Wolverine V2 Chroma has a lot of functionality, including six multi-function buttons that can be mapped to almost anything. It also includes a hair trigger mode with trigger stop switches for lightning-fast action in a pinch.

It’s also equipped with Chroma lighting on the sides. It’s compatible with both Xbox and PC. If you don’t want a controller that requires batteries or recharging, this is one of the best Xbox Series X|S controllers to acquire.

5. Xbox Elite Series 2 Halo Infinite Edition

Best Xbox Series

You’re receiving essentially the same content as with the original Elite Series 2. The only distinction is that this one features a Halo Infinite design that is only available in limited quantities. The disadvantage is that it is now out of stock due to its high popularity.

Even so, if you’re a Halo fan and have been eyeing the Elite Series 2, this is a wonderful option whenever it restocks.

6. Nacon RIG Pro Compact

Best Xbox Series

We thought the RIG Pro Compact to be a lovely small controller that played well and felt pleasant to use when we reviewed it earlier this year. When we say “small,” we mean it. It’s ideal for smaller-handed gamers who dislike the feel of larger controllers.

The word compact is in the name, and it’s not just a gimmick. It is smaller than any of the other selections on this list thus far, although not excessively so. You may also remap the controls if you want to make them more personalized.

It even has Dolby Atmos incorporated directly into the controller for headphones. To get better sound in your games, all you have to do is plug your headset into the controller. It’s also available in white and black, and the cord is extra long, allowing you to use it across the room. As long as your Xbox isn’t more than 15 feet away.

7. Colorware Xbox Wireless Controller

Best Xbox Series

Colorware offers some very nice alternatives available if all you want is a personalized controller in terms of design. The Xbox Series X|S controller is one of the newer items from the company, which custom designs a lot of various hardware.

The number of color possibilities distinguishes this controller from the majority of others on the market. And you can use those colors in a variety of ways on the controller. But be forewarned. It could take some time to obtain it.

8. Xbox Design Lab Wireless Controller

Best Xbox Series

You’re getting essentially the same thing as with the Colorware controller. This one, on the other hand, comes straight from Microsoft. You don’t have as many color and finish options, but it’s far less expensive, and you can even personalize it with your Gamertag or a fun little comment or phrase.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is simply an Xbox Wireless controller with a share button. As a result, there are no additional features or buttons.

9. PowerA Fusion Pro 2

Best Xbox Series

Take some of the Elite Series 2 and SCUF Instinct Pro’s features, combine them, and remove the wireless option, and you’ve got the PowerA Fusion Pro 2. It works with Xbox Series X|S and features four additional paddle buttons on the back that may be assigned to different in-game tasks.

There are also textured hand grips on the back, a three-way trigger lock, and the ability to swap the thumbsticks and faceplates for a fresh look.

10. Evil Shift Xbox Controller

Best Xbox Series

The Evil Shift on Xbox Series X|S completes the list. This is a custom controller for which you are creating all of the functionality from scratch. It all starts with a fairly simple Xbox Wireless controller, which you can then customize by adding various bespoke features. For instance, you might begin by selecting a faceplate design. Then you go over everything from different-height thumbsticks to hairpin triggers and backshift buttons.

Keep in mind that each option comes with a price tag. As a result, the price of this controller could quickly climb. However, for a truly personalized, one-of-a-kind controller, the price may be justified.