Why it’s time to upgrade your Legacy PBX System to Modern Contact Centre Software?

Why it’s time to upgrade your Legacy PBX System to Modern Contact Centre Software?

It’s time to bid adieu to the Legacy PBX system! The world of contact centers has come a long way and most businesses are transitioning from a legacy PBX system to modern contact center software to yield better results. And why not, a modern contact center has multifold benefits that let the business own their customer service game and helps them sell more efficiently.

That said, we need to discover why it’s time for you to make the move and upgrade your legacy contact center.

In a Legacy PBX System there are:

  • Limited and outdated features
  • High dependency, less turnover
  • Siloed customer interaction
  • High infrastructure cost
  • No omnichannel engagement
  • Broken customer experience

Benefits of Transforming your Contact Center

While there are many benefits, what tops the list is the cost-effectiveness and increased efficiency of the business. Below are some of the benefits that you shouldn’t miss:

Omnichannel Customer Experience

According to the Aberdeen Group, businesses that provide consistent customer service quality across multiple channels will retain 89% of their customers.

SO, are you making it effortless for your customers to reach out to your brands through their preferred channels? If not, you should transform your contact center today to stand out and deliver the customer experience that your customers are looking for.

Be where your customers are! Analyze which channel performs best for you. Consider this, for instance, a B2C e-commerce brand, ABC, can leverage Instagram as a customer service channel, while for a healthcare vertical, you need a Video Contact Center solution that offers all channels in one solution.

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Flexible & Remote Ready

Now, your contact center agents can work from anywhere in the world. The pandemic has shifted many call centers to remote environments overnight and if you are also thinking of adopting a remote contact center solution for the long term, then it’s easy for you to upgrade your legacy contact center. With a Remote CC, you don’t have to worry about operational overheads or infrastructure costs, all your remote agents will need is a stable internet connection and a laptop/desktop/smartphone and you will have your mini contact center in your hands.

It provides you flexible deployment options such as on-premise, on-cloud, or hybrid model as per your business requirements and you will get enterprise-grade features for all your remote operations.

Highly Scalable

Get a highly scalable contact center solution for your business. And why do you need that? Well, let’s simplify it. During the holiday season or peak hours, most businesses hire additional contact center agents to provide for the surge in inbound call volume and handle outbound call operations.

Now that most businesses are working remotely, they get the flexibility to hire contact center agents for peak hours. For instance, if a bank received maximum inbound calls between 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, the bank can hire additional agents for that span, ensuring that the business does not compromise on call quality due to the surge and the agents deliver exceptional customer service.

CRM Integrations to Preserve the Context

If you live in this time and age, you must have been on a call where the contact center agent asked you to repeat your information. Well, that’s the brand the customers do ‘not love.’ For a call center, it’s important to preserve the context of each interaction to ensure that the customer is getting the right response in less time.

To do so, all you need to do is integrate your contact center software with a third-party or in-house contact center that helps the call center agents gather customer information like previous interaction with a quick glance. This is achievable if you transcend from a legacy PBX system to modern contact center software.

Automated Dialer for Outbound Operations

If your agents are stuck with manual dialing then you need to upgrade your contact center today.

With an effective dialing strategy, a business can increase its productivity manifolds, allowing the agents to spend more time in calling and selling than manually dialing the wrong numbers. With an automated dialer, you can increase the connect rates as the dialer automatically detects the busy tone, answered by a machine, call disconnected, etc., and only routes the calls to agents that are answered by humans, saving agents’ time and effort.

By automating the calling process, you can see a dramatic improvement in agents’ efficiency and fast-track your telesales and collection process.


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