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The State of E-Sports Betting

E-Sports Betting

Is it safe to bet on e-sports matches? Do e-sports games count as real sports? These are questions that most people ask when they learn about e-sports and the possibility of betting on them. It’s important to understand the growing phenomenon of e-sports betting before you make your first bet so that you can have an enjoyable experience and avoid major losses that result from betting blindly on the wrong game or team. This article will help you understand the current state of e-sports betting at online casinos, how it compares to traditional sports betting, and why it’s become so popular in recent years.

What is E-sports Betting

For those unfamiliar with e-sports betting, it refers to wagering money or in-game items (such as skins) on live multiplayer video game competitions. There are two kinds of e-sports betting that you can do: betting on a single player or team’s outcome against another player/team and match betting, which allows you to bet on several different aspects of a game.

So, for example, instead of just having to decide whether Team A will beat Team B outright (known as an over/under bet), match betting allows you to also bet on which map they’ll play, what kills they will end up with and even who their MVP (most valuable player) will be.

But how exactly does e-sports betting work?

Unlike conventional sports betting where punters can bet at any time during a match, e-sports bets have to be placed before a match has started. This is because of timing issues; you need to have placed your wager before knowing what will happen in order for it to count. The primary way of doing so is via an online casino that offers e-sports betting as one of its gambling services.

As with standard online casinos, they offer different odds on preselected markets and payouts based on how likely certain events are to occur. Even if you aren’t into watching esports, an established online casino may still accept your bet as part of its overall interest. If so, there’s nothing stopping you from getting in on some action—just remember that these opportunities are not infinite and may vanish overnight without notice if they fall out of favor with punters or are deemed illegal by regulators.

How to get started with e-sports betting in 2022?

Though e-sports have been around for years, betting on them is a relatively new concept. That said, it’s becoming a billion-dollar industry that’s only going to get bigger over time. You can think of eSports like any other sport—but without all those pesky rules and regulations to take away from your enjoyment of watching.

Think about it: if you bet $10 on your favorite team in a football game and they lose by one point, you feel robbed. When you watch an e-sports game, though, they’re pretty much free from outside influences; no injuries or bad calls from refs will change anything so there are rarely any surprises.

That said, there are still a few things you need to know to get started with e-sports betting. First, you’ll need to make sure your ISP has fast enough internet for streaming games. Some ISPs only allow so much bandwidth per month and if you exceed that limit then your service will be throttled until next month—which makes for some seriously bad viewing experiences and can spoil everything.

Some most popular games of e-sports betting

Dota2, lol, csgo, h1z1, pubg, and some mobile games such as King of glory. In every country, there are regulations or laws that need to be followed. The U.S. has no law related to betting on e-sports at all so the USA can place wagers in any way they see fit. In Russia however, there are rules and regulations against betting on electronic sports games so Russian citizens cannot bet.

Despite the FIFA world cup coming soon, the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) has decided not to allow gambling companies like VISA or Coca-Cola sponsors during esports competitions as a security measure for athletes and spectators who attend events hosted by its various branches worldwide.

How Is It Different from Other Types of Gambling?

While many people think that e-sports is just as much a type of gambling as traditional online casino games, it’s actually very different. However, there are some similarities between e-sports betting and more traditional types of gambling—but also some differences that should be noted. These include how one can win, how bets work, where people play, what kinds of bets can be made, and other considerations.

The primary similarity

No one wins an e-sports match or tournament outright (like in roulette or poker), which means that you need to place multiple wagers throughout in order to win big at any given time.

The primary difference

Unlike traditional online casino games, e-sports are more about skill and strategy than luck. This means that people can strategize in order to stack wins over time, rather than taking big risks with a single bet.

With e-sports, you can build up your portfolio and try to win many times throughout a given tournament. If a player or team has a lot of losses at first but starts to win more later on—betting on them could be a smart choice.

What’s Next for E-Sports Betting?

It’s been a big year for esports, with massive increases in viewership and attention from major players in traditional sports. But as big as its growth has been, there’s still plenty of room to grow. One of the biggest bets is esports betting, which has already proven to be popular among fans and could become an important source of revenue for teams and publishers.

However, it will take some time for esports betting to reach maturity—it’s just too new right now. Read on to learn more about where esports betting is heading next year…


There is certainly no shortage of options for those who are interested in finding a way to gamble on their favorite video games. While it’s true that there are several places that gamblers can go to try their luck and win big money, not all forms of e-sports betting are created equal.

The site you choose to place your bets on can dramatically affect how much you win and whether or not you’re even able to see your winnings at all. Be sure to be as informed as possible when making your choice so that you don’t lose out on a potentially great opportunity because you made an uninformed decision.

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