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What’s the Best Cryptocurrency Invest in 2021?

Best Cryptocurrency Invest in 2021

The modern cryptocurrency market is valued at about $ 1.3 trillion. This colossal amount is unevenly spread across an unimaginable 7000+ cryptocurrencies. It is really difficult for even experienced investors to navigate which cryptocurrencies are the best cryptocurrency to invest in. We offer a shortlist of cryptocurrencies that we consider worthy of attention.


The list of the most promising cryptocurrencies is traditionally headed by bitcoin. During its existence, the value of the first successful cryptocurrency has grown from $ 0.008 to $ 65,000 in 2020. The veteran of the cryptocurrency market has experienced a precipitous drop to $ 30,000 and is now heading for new heights again.


The second place in the ranking of the most popular and promising cryptocurrencies rightfully belongs to Ethereum. The Ethereum platform has become the best for building blockchain-based applications and the backbone of DeFi. The Ethereum team is not going to stop there and this gives reason to expect further growth in the price of the crypto coin. You may not know how many block confirmations Ethereum is, but invest in ETH and make a profit.


The Ripple platform was created as an alternative to traditional international payment systems, as a link between different currencies. Ripple transfers are fast, reliable, and inexpensive. XRP cryptocurrency is used to transfer fiat money to digital. Analysts expect this asset to grow as it is used further, and see Ripple as a potentially lucrative long-term investment.


Litecoin is based on the advanced Bitcoin algorithm. It is another platform for secure, fast, and low-cost payments. During 2021, Litecoin rose from $ 121.31 to $ 359.33 and plummeted amid the general market decline. Now the coin is traded relatively inexpensively and is quite affordable for purchase before the next possible growth period.


The memo coin unexpectedly became very popular for everyone and over the past six months, it literally broke into the TOP-5 in terms of market capitalization. The coin is used for tips on some social networks and is accepted for payment by some sellers.It is highly dependent on market sentiment, but experts believe that new levels are still possible.

Bitcoin Cash

This coin is one of the Bitcoin forks. Algorithm improvements include speed, transaction capacity, and privacy. The total number of coins is 21 million.

Low Bitcoin Cash fees provide the ability to conduct microtransactions. More and more trading companies are accepting this coin as online and offline payment.


The operating system aims to simplify blockchain technology for everyday use. The system is capable of processing up to 200 transactions per second, which is tens of times faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum. The TRON platform is focused on the creation and distribution of content on the blockchain. The focus on the growing entertainment industry is a compelling argument for many investors.


This blockchain platform is designed to build decentralized applications and smart contracts. Unlike many cryptocurrencies, Cardano uses a Proof-of-Stake algorithm and uses less power.


Cryptocurrencies are marketed as completely anonymous, but in reality, this is not entirely true. Tracking transactions is technically very difficult, but still real. ZCash provides the ability to hide transactions and this attracts new users.


The EOS software platform offers proprietary solutions to simplify the use of blockchain technology. On its basis, you can create and place smart contracts and Dapps.


It will not be superfluous to remind you that the cryptocurrency market is not very predictable. In theory, each of the cryptocurrencies can suddenly rise and bring in super-profits, but it is also likely that things will be completely different and you will lose your investment.